25.02. – 10.03

Screened in the kiosk-kino in Havneterminal, Tromsø.

Women flies horizontally across a collaged background showing the cosmos


Emily Breer, 1995 (USA)

10 min

A super fast fiction about a Dionysian-type superhero who sometimes has to get rid of their Batman side; a little too nice. SUPERHERO is Breer’s amused response to our tradition of comic book heroes.

Since the mid-80’s, New York-based artist Emily Breer has made films and videos that fuse live-action and playful animation to create loony portraits of megalomania and misinformation. Her work has screened at festivals and festivals internationally and her music videos have screened on MTV and Comedy Central.

In Far Away Land

Andrew Kötting & Eden Kötting, 2019 (UK)

6 min

Back stroke butterfly, front crawl and bras, we are awash in an ocean of bubbles. Meanwhile Captain Ahab sets sail on his magic carpet in search of the whale. All is not well in the world but Eden is there, fresh from her garden, tuning into The Far Away Land. We are deep in the cloud of our own making but help is at hand, and everything might yet be alright. In Far Away Land is the fifth part of a collaboration with the animator Glenn Whiting which includes All At Sea, All In The, Mind Forgotten The Queen and Dog Ate Dog.