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Malin Nordström – I’m Sorry, Video, 06:40, 2018

I’m Sorry’ is an attempt to connect and juxtapose geographical and emotional distance, this silent video work employs long continuous views of scenery and investigation of broken communication to explore the meditative state of mind that arises from the suspension and gaze of travel. Filmed in Sweden, Norway, USA, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan.


Malin Lin Nordström (b. 1984) works mainly with spatial installations, choreographies, relational and process-based projects, often employing video, sound and text. She received her BA from Tromsø Art Academy and is currently taking her MFA at Konstfack (SE).

She thinks a lot about what it means to be human, to have an emotional register spanning everything from euphoria to the deepest sorrow, to always balance between independence and herd, to be full of contradictions, to build an identity. She is inspired by existential questions and experiences such as desire, longing and loss, their meanings and expressions, and how they are connected to the political and the social.

Lately Nordström has been exploring emotional and geographical liminalities, ideas and implications of migration, and the opportunities and obstacles of employing geographical solutions to emotional problems. Moving between the personal and the political, she draws lines from her own experiences of being the child of a migrant, a person of color, and working class, to looking at broader societal tendencies, focusing on contemporary forms of colonization and exploitation, as well as the fantasies, desires and psychological mechanisms connected to them.

Every migration starts in a sliver of longing, a hope for something better, an act of faith. And every migration leaves something behind, that can never be restored.

Malin Lin Nordström is based between Tromsø and Stockholm, in a constant state of longing.